"A Snot-nosed outburst of brothel-creepered punk" - Vive Le Rock

"rocket-fuelled New York Dolls" - Classic Rock Magazine

"Reprobate rock 'n' roll with an amphetamine snarl of The Damned" - Big Cheese

"Coming on like the bastard offspring of The Ramones and The Heartbreakers" - Louder Than War

"Every Ramones fan in the universe raise your hands" - Veglam

"Oozing UK and New York punk, dirty, belligerent and out for a good time" - Ringmaster

"Razor-sharp punk attitude - UberRock

"These guys are a force to be reckoned with.. they take the New York Dolls to a higher dimension" - Punk Globe

"The DeRellas are tequila-fuelled sleazemeisters" - Studs & Punks

"Like the Dead Boys and Heartbreakers in a party with Hollywood Brats and Ziggy Stardust" - Fear & Loathing

"Coming on strong with the pure sneer of '77.  Best glam-punk band since D-Generation" - Bubblegum Slut

"This is right between the eyes 100% Proof Punk 'n' Roll" - Nuzz Prowlin’ Wolf

"Rock 'n’ Roll with a full on punk edge" - Distorted Magazine