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​Heard you missed them... well they're back and this time they're firing on all cylinders.​​

From the minute 'Rip It Up' comes kicking through your speakers you're reaching for the volume dial and up, up, up and away we go!

'Rip It Up' is gritty, loud, in your face and sonically blissful.  With new boy 'Billion Dollar Bish' pounding the drums and singer Stevie D in the fold, it's a powerful proposition I find before me.  Big riffs and looking for a rumble, The DeRellas have gone a tad more rock (make that punk rock) and a little less glam slamming: more Dead Boys than Glitter Band... and boy is it sweet (no pun intended)! 

'Strung Out In Sin City' is certainly more in the dark and dirty Dead Boys camp as Luca plays a blinder as he hacks and slashes all over the song.  Maybe a contender for one of the finest tunes this year so far.  It's sleazy late night rock and roll at its best and 'Soho Hotel' continues the walk on the wild side with some top trashy chorus melody.  Stevie D has settled into his surroundings and owns the frontman slot with yet another stirling performance.

With only six tracks on this new mini album, the band sound fired up, and in the title track 'Freakshow' Freddie has a most fitting trashy theme song; it's like a vintage melting pot of Misfits horror meets London's Soho Roses downing a bucketful of Thunderbird then playing their favourite Neurotic Outsiders songs with a big shit-eating grin and tongue firmly planted in someone's else's cheek.  This is gonna stomp the EP of the year.  'Dress Up, Mess Up' closes the original songs on offer and is again splendid with its bvs and cheeky rock n roll licks as a rather fitting and dandy take on Adam & The Ants' 'Plastic Surgery' takes this record home.. and what a version it is too: if you're gonna cover a song then wear it, own it, live it, and play it like it's yours - and that's exactly what The DeRellas have done.

I've been impressed with every release from this band in whatever guise and whoever is in the line up, but this EP has blown me away.  A welcome adition to your record collection and available on 10" or CD, 'Freakshow' is The DeRellas at the top of their game and playing a glam slamming - punk rocking blinder!

​​ vive le rock​​
London's premier glam punks are back in the game.   The DeRellas have bounced back since the departure of vocalist/guitarist and founding member Robbie.  Filling Robbie's shoes is Stevie D who, as anyone who's seen the band live this year will attest, has proved his mettle.   They're sounding pretty damn good on this new eight track mini album (the first on their own Rockaway Records), and having a legendary producer like Pat Collier doesn't hurt. Musically, they've stuck to their tried and tested trashy punk 'n' roll formula, kicking off with 'Rip It Up'. 'Strung Out Sin City' evokes Johnny Thunders and the Hearbreakers while 'Soho Hotel' has a glam/boot boy swagger, not a million miles from early Cock Sparrer. The closer is an inspired cover of Adam and the Ants' 'Plastic Surgery'. 
The future looks bright and I look forward to their next full length album.  
​​​ veglam

“Freakshow” is the first release of The DERELLAS with new singer/guitar player Stevie D, and while it was difficult to imagine the band without Robbie, The DERELLAS didn’t die out, and came back with fresh ideas and drummer Billion Dollar Bish (ex-FLESH FOR LULU, BUBBLEGUM SCREW…) to complete the new line-up.

“Rip It Up”, and “Strung Out Sin City” shows us a band holding the glam punk flame high in the air, and “Soho Hotel” is one of the catchiest tunes The DERELLAS have ever written. The song “Freakshow” displays a new side of the band, somewhere between the DEAD BOYS and FRANKENSTEIN DRAG QUEENS FROM PLANET 13, and “Dress Up Mess Up” makes you wonder:

Where have all the glam punk bands been?
The icing on the glitter cake is a cover of ADAM AND THE ANTS‘ “Plastic Surgery”, and the record is out on CD and 10″ slime green vinyl. You can always count on The DERELLAS!/Laurent c.me

"A Snot-nosed outburst of brothel-creepered punk" - Vive Le Rock

"rocket-fuelled New York Dolls" - Classic Rock Magazine

"Reprobate rock 'n' roll with an amphetamine snarl of The Damned" - Big Cheese

"Coming on like the bastard offspring of The Ramones and The Heartbreakers" - Louder Than War

"Every Ramones fan in the universe raise your hands" - Veglam

"Oozing UK and New York punk, dirty, belligerent and out for a good time" - Ringmaster

"Razor-sharp punk attitude - UberRock

"These guys are a force to be reckoned with.. they take the New York Dolls to a higher dimension" - Punk Globe

"The DeRellas are tequila-fuelled sleazemeisters" - Studs & Punks

"Like the Dead Boys and Heartbreakers in a party with Hollywood Brats and Ziggy Stardust" - Fear & Loathing

"Coming on strong with the pure sneer of '77.  Best glam-punk band since D-Generation" - Bubblegum Slut

"This is right between the eyes 100% Proof Punk 'n' Roll" - Nuzz Prowlin’ Wolf

"Rock 'n’ Roll with a full on punk edge" - Distorted Magazine